Staff and Executive Board


Cristalee McSweeney, WCJC Executive Director

Contact Information:; 802-503-2320 

Brenna Deavitt, WCJC Restorative Justice Specialist

Contact information:; 802-503-2673 

Executive Board

Bob Stafford- Board Chair

Bob volunteers because he wants to have a positive impact on the kind of community in which he wants to live. He believes Restorative Justice and restorative processes can make his community a better place in which to live, recreate and work. Being a volunteer for the Williston Community Justice Center has allowed him to participate in meaningful community and civic service.

Mia Marinovich- Board Vice Chair

Mia is a true believer in second chances.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to make changes to a justice system that isn’t working.  Mia volunteers her time to help be a change maker in her community.  She feels it is her responsibility to help create change and give a voice/safe place to all victims in her community.

Pat Brown

Pat Brown lives in Williston and volunteers for the Williston Community Justice Center so that he can do his part to build a better community. He enjoys working with people in a variety of settings, and grows some wicked good garlic.

Eveline Habermann-Killian

Eveline has raised three wonderful children in Richmond, VT and is a founding member of the Richmond Racial Equity group as an active member of the Policy and Policing Committee.  Eveline enjoys all the amenities of Vermont such as hiking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, and skiing.  A native of the Netherlands, Eveline has become an American citizen so that she may participate in the future of this country that has become home.  In line with that, Eveline has joined the Williston Community Justice Center because she firmly believes in restorative justice as a humane method of addressing the harm caused to the community by a wrongful deed. Eveline is very honored to be a part of this process in her community.

Juliette Longchamp

Juliette is in her third year on the Williston Community Justice Center. She volunteers to make our community safer through holding responsible parties accountable to both the offenses they commit and to the parties they offended. This work is far more powerful than a “punishment”. The responsible party engages in deep thinking and works through an “impact wheel” in order to understand who was impacted by their offense, and how to make amends to those impacted. Learning occurs and with that, fewer repeat offenses. Juliette is a Hinesburg community member and sits on both adult and youth panels. 

Melinda Moulton

Melinda is deeply committed to the work of the Williston Community Justice Center because she believes bringing together the parties involved in a non-violent crime to create a resolution whereby the victim is fully restored has great value for society.   It also keeps people out of the prison system and helps to change lives and direct people toward a life without returning to crime.  It is humane, accountable, restorative, and successful justice.   Melinda is devoted to this work.

Katie Titterton

Katie volunteers with the Williston Community Justice Center because she believes a human-focused justice process is necessary for a strong community. She believes in a process where community members bear witness to each other’s experience, acknowledge and address root causes, truly listen to each other, and collectively find opportunities for repair. She appreciates how restorative justice puts those who are harmed at the center, giving them voice and the ability to name what they need to be restored, and that those who cause harm are recognized as more than their actions and are supported in finding strategies that reduce risk and increase healthy behaviors.

Ed Townley

Ed Townley has been a resident of Williston for 30 years. He retired 2 years ago after being in management positions for 40 plus years. He has experience working with individuals at all levels in these organizations and has always looked for the best solution to problems. He joined the WCJC last year because he believes everyone should have an opportunity to make amends when they make a mistake. Ed believes in a system where an impacted party and responsible party can come together, with the help of the WCJC, to make amends.  

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