Williston Community Justice Center

In Williston

The WCJC works with the Williston Police Department, the Vermont Department of Corrections, and with pre-charge and court referrals in order to assess the impact of specific crimes on victims and ascertain what actions the offender might take to repair any damage the offender may have caused to the victim and the community. Beyond repairing the harm that is created when a crime is committed, the WCJC seeks to increase the responsibly party’s sense of belonging to a community to reduce recidivism.


  • The WCJC membership shall consist of a sufficient number of members to complete the mission of the center and reflect the diversity of the people served by the WCJC.
  • WCJC members will live, work or have other meaningful affiliation with one of the towns in which the WCJC serves.
  • The WCJC membership shall include one or more Youth Panels comprised of high school students to fulfill the mission of the center as it pertains to youth within the service area encompassed by the WCJC. Youth members shall have full membership and corresponding responsibilities as set forth in the WCJC bylaws.


The Williston Community Justice Center (WCJC) is committed to promoting and advancing the safety and wellbeing of our communities by providing resources for positive change, striving to  dismantle patterns of racial and economic disparity, and seeking to repair damaged relationships  through restorative practices tailored to meet the unique needs of impacted and responsible parties. 

Basic Values of Restorative Justice

    Fairness, Justice, Equity, & Inclusion
    We warmly welcome all people in our communities, inclusive of their race, sex, gender/gender expression, relationships, age, abilities, mental and physical health, religion, national origin, body type/appearance, income, education, personal history, generational history, employment status, parental status, social status, and any other factor that makes a person who they are. We reject systemic and overt racism, and we reject discrimination based on sex or sexual preference or gender identity or expression. When inequitable systems and structures in our communities are contributing factors to harm caused, we address them through acknowledgement, resource finding, relationship building, and creative repair in order to improve equity for affected parties.
    Trust & Integrity
    We trust the restorative process in both our communication and our conduct. We work to build trust between everyone involved in the process. We trust the truth in each person’s story and feelings. We trust in the potential of the individual. We trust in the strength of our communities. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in our words and actions. We expect this of ourselves and each other.
    We hold ourselves and others accountable for our actions, attitudes, choices, and words. We strive to put the needs of affected parties and communities first. We consistently train and inquire to ensure we uphold our values and our mission and to advance restorative practices.
    Empathy & Respect
    We demonstrate kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity through community and civic service. We acknowledge our shared humanity and we honor it.
    We acknowledge the importance of building and maintaining relationships within our communities through restorative processes and practices. We meet people where they are and accompany them through the restorative process to bring about change and accountability. Our work ripples outward to enhance the safety and wellbeing of all within our shared communities.

Most of the funding for the WCJC is through a grant with the Department of Corrections and by the Town of Williston. The Police Department provides office space and staff support to the Board, as needed.

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